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Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush, Julian Black Antelope, Stefany Mathias, Bennett Taylor, Mike Paterson, Nelson Leis, Tymon Carter, Skye Pelletier, Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat, Corvin Mack, Samuel Marty, Ginger Cattleman, Seanna Eagletail, Samiyah Crowfoot
Daniel Trachtenberg
The origin story of the Predator in the world of the Comanche Nation 300 years ago. Naru, a skilled female warrior, fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth.
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August 09, 2022 - 05:41 PM
Really glad the main character was a woman. That did so much for my mental health. This is the most powerful and brave thing I have ever seen. It is totally realistic to have a woman be this good at combat, remember: in ww2 Russian women were snipers!
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August 07, 2022 - 11:42 PM
Is was better than the previous predator , which isn't saying much. but the agenda pushing is getting out of hand. They should've just given the predator tits too so it can be just as strong and independent as this boring mc.
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