Watch Daz Crawford Movies Online

Watch Daz Crawford Movies Online

November 12, 1968
Daz was born in Liverpool, England. Having a disrupted childhood and broken family Daz turned something negative in his young life to a positive and successful career in sports. He joined the Royal Air Force and through his training he learned teamed work and sportsmanship. Crawford traveled extensively in the Royal Air Force including the Falkland Islands, Germany and the Desert Storm Campaign. He became successful playing National League Basketball (UK) and becoming ranked 10th in the world as an amateur boxer. He was then invited to join the Seoul Olympic Team representing England.Daz later found his father and began a personal and challenging journey reuniting with his father. After the death of his father he returned to London and started a modeling career. As an extra in film he got the acting bug and took part in drama workshops challenging his emotions and found a new Daz Crawford. He studied at the "Madder Market Theatre" in Norwich England and then onto the "Actors Centre" in London and currently studying at the "LA Actors Centre" the "Meisner Technique".Daz has done numerous commercial campaigns including Farberge, cast as UK Gladiator (Diesel) for television with producer of Amercian Idol Ken Warick. With a household name Crawford was cast in the James Bond Film "The World Is Not Enough". Some other credits include "Attila The Hun" for USA Network, and major role in Wesley Snipe's Blade 2. continuing to work in the UK as requested Daz loves the art and channels his positive force into charity work for the under privileged children guiding them off the streets and into sports and theater art.
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